Fundy Coast Photography Galleries showcases the work of Alex Sokolow and Carol Behan.

We've renamed the site 'Fundy Coast' to reflect our home location in New Brunswick, and to emphasise the beauty of the maritime scenery in this part of Canada. 

However, we've travelled further afield too!  We also display our galleries from our travels in the US and the Caribbean.

Alex’s interest in photography dates from his Public School days in St. Catharines, Ontario, where he took local photos with his Kodak Brownie.  In High School, he took hotos of sporting events for the local newspaper. 

As an adult, his interests tended more towards nature and landscape photography, with emphasis on colour and composition.  He also likes to focus on shape and form, creating abstract images from everyday objects.  Gradually moving from film to digital, Alex has expanded his large portfolio to include images from Canada, the US, Europe and Central America.

Carol's interest in photography is more recent.  She has accompanied Alex on his trips, learned techniques from him and gradually developed her own style.  Her main interest is in landscape photography, especially water-themed imagery, such as waterfalls and coastlines.


Alex’s images have appeared in various publications and websites over the years, including the following:

  • Scholastic Publications
  • McClelland & Stewart
  • Transport Canada
  • St. Catharines Standard
  • Torstar

The following organizations have also exhibited both Carol's and Alex's images:

  • Toronto Zen Centre
  • Pizzolato Group
  • Abtron Computer Services
  • Something’s Brewing Café, St. Stephen, New Brunswick
  • St. Croix Arts Showcase, St. Stephen, New Brunswick
  • Coffee House, St. Stephen, New Brunswick

In addition, the MP for New Brunswick, Karen Ludwig, and the MLA for St. Croix, John B. Ames, have commissioned Alex and Carol to supply photos of their Ridings for the walls of their constituency offices.

Alex and Carol are members of CAPA, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.

We hope you will enjoy the images on display in our galleries here.  We have images that range from landscape, to aspects of nature, locations here and abroad, architecture and artistic interpretations of some of Alex's photographic images. 

Carol has uploaded some of her photos to Alamy for sale as stock.  Take a look, by clicking the button below.

Stock photography by Carol Behan at Alamy

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